Video on Demand

Video on Demand

HIBRID VOD platform is readily open for customization and integration. Select and use your preferred storage, player, reporting tool, video editing tool or monetization service.

  • Ingest your videos to the platform manually or in bulk
  • Prepare video file through meta information, formats, bitrates, etc.
  • Playout the videos on various devices
  • Monetize your video viewing activity
  • Get insights regarding user behavior and activity
  • Manage your Ads and subscriptions to optimize ROI

Accelerate ingesting videos to the cloud and overcome common high-cost transfer charges, long transfer times and security concerns.

Easily upload and ingest video files and series in bulk or individually through a fully responsive portal. Our bulk import tool allows you to pull videos in mass using SFTP, HTTPS, DropBox and YouTube.

Choose the right monetization model for your business.

We provide you with a ready-made fully-customizable user portal and mobile application that supports SVOD, AVOD, PVOD, Profile-Based Monetization and DAI.

Benefits of VOD

Grow with Ease

Whether a startup or a mega project, our solution is right for you. Start with a minimal budget and grow on demand.

Secure Your IP

Protect your intellectual property from unauthorized use through the latest techniques in Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Stay in Control

Take full control over who can watch and who cannot around the world by using our integrated geo-blocking feature.

Maximize Reach

Our platform supports full customization for user portals and integrated mobile applications.

Access Analytics

Track performance and analyze viewer activity on all your videos. Make informed decisions and maximize ROI.

VOD Details

A robust and secure solution designed for scalability and built for optimum monetization, while fully customizable to satisfy various business models. HIBRID VOD platform offers a variety of advanced components & features, aligned with our progressive vision for breeding technologies.

Video Content Management

Organize your content, search media, edit, moderate, create playlists and so much more – all in one intuitive interface.

Video Editing

Seamlessly trim videos and create clips, add subtitles and cue points to enable chaptering, facilitate advertising and deep search.

Player Studio

Select from any of the players we support and customize your player design and features through a user-friendly interface.


Take full control over your video streams in different geographic locations.

Playout Optimization

Automatically detect the device being used & connect the end user to the most suitable format that guarantees optimal media quality, using the Hibrid Player (for PCs, tablets, mobile phones, TVs and set-top boxes).

Social Sharing

Share your video streams over social media channels directly from within the media platform.

Adaptive Streaming

Provide users with the best viewing experience by automatically detecting their available bandwidth in real time and adjusting the quality of the stream accordingly.

Video Transcoding & Pre-processing

As you ingest your content, we automatically transcode it into multiple formats, sizes and bitrates to serve different devices and technologies.

Closed Captioning & Subtitles

Our solution supports closed captioning and allows you to easily upload subtitles in different languages for an enhanced user experience.

Live Recording

Whether manually or prescheduled, you can record your live stream through our VOD platform, allowing it to be ingested into the VOD platform as soon as the recording is done.

Digital Rights Management

Protect your video streams from unauthorized use through integrated DRM and MultiDRM.


Protect your video stream delivery through high-grade SSL protection, hotlink prevention, domain locking and per-user session enforcement.

Analytics Tools

We provide a wide range of statistics including connections, visitors, playtime, locations, bandwidth, connectivity, devices, players, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Market-Ready Portals & APIs

Save time and stream with our market-ready publisher and user portals, media players and APIs.

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