Platform Overview

Streaming Platform Overview

A meticulously bred media platform designed and developed to meet the era’s demanding requirements for high quality reliable video streaming.

Hibrid Media Platform provides a wide range of advanced features that ensure optimized monetization.

Not only does it allow for customization, integration and scalability at competitive prices, but is also capable of integrating with any 3rd party system or service when needed, while abiding to international security standards.

Platform components

Live Streaming

Go live from your studio, PC or phone. A low-latency live streaming solution faster than a satellite TV broadcast.

Business Intelligence

Get detailed audience data correlation across the entire platform to boost engagement and revenue by providing full visibility, control and actionability.


Monetize your solution through advertisements, pay-per-view and subscriptions. Maximize your ROI through Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI).

Social Sharing

Share your videos over social platforms. Go live with your video streams and maximize engagement & reach.


Use any player, video editor, reporting tool, etc. Get full control over your user portal.

Video on Demand

Serve media to end users on demand through our advanced feature-rich VOD platform. Scale and grow as needed through our cloud infrastructure and CDN.

Monitoring & Availability

Maintain maximum quality & live stream availability. Get notified and automatically switch to failover streams when needed.


Play video over any device and any platform. Adapt to bandwidth and geographic location automatically.


Get real time viewer and video analytics. Get insights, enhance content and maximize ROI.


Integrate with any external system using a secure, high-performance, and scalable API

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