Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Go live with no stream delays on any device. Maximize reach over social networks. Monitor, generate revenue, get insights, analyze and maximize ROI.

  • Capture & encode your live stream
  • Transcode your stream into various formats and bitrates to serve various devices and bandwidths
  • Publish your stream through our low-latency advanced CDN
  • Playout the stream on various devices (mobile phones, tables, PCs, etc.)
  • Monetize your live stream
  • Get insights about user behavior and activity
  • Manage revenue streams & optimize ROI

Benefits of our Live Streaming Solution

Stand Out

Go live over the web, mobile apps, or social platforms and stream with high quality at high speed to all devices.

Stream Faster

Our low-latency solution delivers your live stream to end users up to 30 seconds faster than a satellite TV connection.

Publish Instantly

Record your live streams through our platform and publish them as soon as the recording ends.

Share the Best

Monitor your live stream for real time interactions, trim your video and share parts where excitement took place.

Stay in Control

Take full control over who can watch and who cannot, by using our integrated geo-blocking and twin streaming features.

Maximize Reach

Our platform supports full customization for user portals and integrated mobile applications.

Live Streaming Details

A fluid solution designed and built for superior quality, low-latency, maximum security and scalability for your video streams. Bred from the best components, features and technologies, our live media platform is capable of ingesting a live stream concurrently to any other endpoint including PCs, Macs, mobile phones, tablets, set-top-boxes and TVs.


Take full control over your video streams in different geographic locations.

Analytics Tools

We provide a wide range of statistics including connections, visitors, playtime, locations, bandwidth, connectivity, devices, players, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Playout Optimization

Automatically detect the device being used & connect the end user to the most suitable format that guarantees optimal media quality, using the Hibrid Player (for PCs, tablets, mobile phones, TVs and set-top boxes).

Digital Rights Management

Protect your live streams from unauthorized use through integrated DRM and MultiDRM.

Mobile & Web Video Support

Deliver video through websites, mobile devices, TVs and set-top boxes with mobile-ready encoding flavors, device detection, and customizable players.

Social Sharing

Share your live streams over social media channels directly from within the media platform.

Adaptive Streaming

Provide users with the best viewing experience by automatically detecting their available bandwidth in real time and adjusting the quality of the live stream accordingly.


Protect your live stream delivery through high-grade SSL protection, hotlink prevention, domain locking and per-user session enforcement.

Market-Ready Portals

Save time and stream with our market-ready publisher and user portals, media players and APIs.

Live Stream Publishing

Publish your live streams with best quality across websites, mobile devices and social media channels.

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