About us

Our Story

The Hibrid journey takes us back to 1999, when we were the hosting & technical support department for a web design and development company. We were responsible for setting up and maintaining the hosting accounts, domain names, security and tech support for the company’s clients.

That year, we took on our first challenge - to create an internal hosting control panel that allows us to easily and securely maintain servers, domain names, emails, etc. The result was a web-based control panel for Linux servers.

As the web hosting industry grew, we realized the need to build scalable, high-performance, reliable and secure hosting solutions. That lead us to work on advanced Linux configurations and management skills. The result was a record-breaking hosting solution that could serve 3,500+ requests per second versus 667 requests per second on other standard hosting platforms, at that time.

The experience that we gained during those years enlightened us on various networking features, operating systems, server applications and hardware specifications.

As the hosting industry further evolved, various solutions started to arise, and each had specific strengths over the others.

Instinctively, the team delved into each solution and experimented on combining their various strengths. The outcome was a new breed of solutions that combines the best qualities and advantages of multiple high-tech solutions. We named this new breed: Hibrid.

We apply this same model to all our solutions, the most recent of which is our Media Platform - an advanced & customizable solution dedicated to Publishers of all sizes, empowering them to securely stream their content with low latency across multiple platforms while optimizing their revenue stream.

Our solutions are guaranteed through an SLA that we master and manage, rather than simply reselling other solutions with their own SLAs. This encompasses “the Hibrid signature”, which is a core part of our Service Level Agreement in every solution that we offer, in any market.

Our Mission

With over 20 years of experience in networking, servers, operating systems and server applications, our mission remains dedicated to seamlessly integrate multiple powerful software solutions and hardware components towards developing a single superior breed of technology.

Our Hibrid approach to technology empowers clients with superior performance solutions backed by bullet-proof security, advanced features & customer-oriented support services at a sustainable cost.

Our Vision

The Hibrid approach revolves around extrapolating powerful individual tech practices and merging them towards the development of an optimized multifunctional practice, which serves a more elaborated purpose.

As we look towards the future, we strive towards expanding the Hibrid approach across all disciplines of life, by continuously exploring the latest tech advancements that can be bred into best-in-market solutions for our clients.

We Offer

IT Consultancy

Get expert advice on the latest tech solutions and which ones cater to your business’s needs.

Security Compliance

We know your business is valuable. Ensure it’s secured from malicious cyber intrusions.

Software Development

We’ve been breeding technologies and producing advanced digital solutions for over 20 years.

Our Partners