Video CDN

Video CDN

Provide a premium viewer experience through a video-optimized network. Stream at low-latency, maximize video quality, handle traffic spikes and guarantee content availability at competitive prices.

The Hibrid Video CDN delivers the best viewing experience to your subscribers by providing:

  • Faster load times for web and mobile users
  • Automatic Scalability during peak times with heavy traffic
  • Better performance and viewing experience that attracts new viewers and retains existing subscribers
  • A hybrid CDN that combines multiple Content Delivery
  • Network (CDN) providers to increase your global reach and maximize performance
  • An optimized CDN for video streaming at low-latency through various standard formats

Serve your viewers locally

  • Ingest your stream and videos to our platform through the origin server closest to you
  • Content is synchronized between origin & edge servers
  • Viewers pick up the stream from the edge server closest to their location
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